Throughout the years, we did a lot of small projects, designs, competitions and artworks, just for fun, inspiration or investigation. There are too many to list them all so here are the ones we had the most fun with.



In 2005 we were asked by advertising agency Absoluut to make a proposal for the interior of their newly acquired office space in Leuven, Belgium.

We designed one huge table, travelling like a snake through the entire space, doubling as a sofa and storage unit. In the end, we didn't get the assignment because they found it a bit too outlandish.


Fun fact

In 2014, Clive Wilkinson designed the offices for the Barbarian Group in New York.

The similarities are quite uncanny. Coincidence? We'll let you be the judge of that!




Ghent, Belgium - 2005


Don't piss on me

In the nineties and noughties, urinal people thought it was a great idea to print flies on the inside of a urinal so that the urinating man can aim at the fly instead of next to the pot! The most stupid annoying invention EVER!  2005


Ghent, Belgium - 2005


The Door

This was a start of an ongoing series "Boy in a dress" We wanted to film and photograph in different locations in different dresses. To symbolise the loneliness of people who do not walk the normal gender conventional path. 
...we are planning to pick up this series soon. 

Barcelona, Spain - 2015


Table of Sound

In 2008, Designboom held an open competition called Sound Innovation. The objective was to design anything related to sound. We came up with the Table of Sound. The first prize went to someone else but we got shortlisted, which is not bad considering there were 3487 participants.


Fun fact

Shortly after the competition results were published, a very wealthy gentleman from Dubai contacted us. He wanted to buy the table at any cost. Even after convincing him it was just a 3D render, he asked us what it would cost to produce it. In the end, we didn't go through with it, but who knows if he went on to have it made by someone else...



Sayulita, Mexico - 2008


Boy moving through abandoned space

Boy moving through abandoned space.jpg

Inspired by Marcel Duchamp's painting "Nude descending a staircase no2".

Marcel Duchamp is responsible for the most important movement in modern art. His painting "Nude descending a staircase" on its turn is inspired by the first moving pictures he saw in 1912.

Several meanings of movement are put into this picture.

Antwerp, Belgium - 2010


Spray 2.0

Cleaning spray, we all use it extensively, and when it's empty we throw it away. Even if the spray head is still perfectly functional.

Why not upgrade this useful yet ordinary device to the next level? Make it a house jewel, an object you can pass on from generation to generation. Spray 2.0 helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste by elevating this device.


This was another entry for a Designboom competition. No noteworthy results within the competition but still, we had a lot of fun making it.

Valencia, Spain - 2009



In 2004, PUMA asked ten designers to do something, anything, with these iconic vintage sneakers. We were selected as well.

Our interpretation was to look at them as fossils from an age long passed. So we eternalised them in a block of clear epoxy resin.


Antwerp, Belgium - 2004