The Artists

Two Artists working apart together, always searching, knowing they will never find.

Mick Michel van Meelen

Mick went to HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, NL and got his Master's at Portsmouth University, UK. He worked as a freelance creative director in film, television, theatre, and various agencies. Until he knew he had to focus on making art.

Mick primarily makes physical art.

Wout Fierens

Wout went to the Design Academy Eindhoven, NL and Bezalel, Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. He worked as a product designer, interior architect and software developer until he realised he wanted to be an artist.

Wout primarily makes digital art.

The History

In 2001 we started working together. We ran a design agency in Antwerp, Belgium. After a few years, we decided to live as digital nomads to broaden our view.

Together, we accomplished numerous international projects from theatre to film, interior to art, graphic design to GCI, and furniture design to art installations. Our work is inspired by nature, history and science.

In 2016 we ran a pop-up art gallery in Sitges, Barcelona. From that moment on, we knew we had to become full-time fine artists and leave our work as applied artists behind us. From 2022, we no longer take on commercial assignments and proudly call ourselves fine artists.

The Present

In 2022, we took the time and space to investigate which direction we wanted to go with our art. After six months of writing, drawing, programming, and painting, we had an epiphany.

As Digital Nomads, we never had a home for long. We moved houses and workplaces 67 times. That's as exciting as it is draining. For us, "home" is a foreign place, so we decided that should be the narrative in our future work. Every single artwork will touch on a piece of that story. A memory, a house, a move, and losing friendships along the way.

We'll touch on themes like domestic life, loneliness, houses, rooms, blurred memories, strange environments, sliding doors and missed opportunities. All of these will be expressed in paintings, photography, sculpture and generative art. A biography visualised through art.

Exhibitions, Collabs and Talks

  • Blockchain Art, University of Oxford

  • Gallery Confituur, Antwerp

  • Kunst, Barcelona

  • Design Museum, Zurich

  • Central Museum, Utrecht

  • Young Fairytales, Kortrijk

  • Biennale Interior, Kortrijk

  • CCB, Antwerp

  • Design Museum, Ghent

  • Momu, Antwerp

  • Festivak, Mechelen

  • OpenStructures